Thursday, March 1, 2012

BUSY busy & Questions for the crew

Busy creating screen flow charts and making sure I don't forget any cool functions!

We're thinking of getting a Paper-doll style avatar creator into the mix, using official BC art of course. (he doesn't know I'm thinking of adding more to his scribble plate... except now he does.) Hi Brady! Maybe based on the website, maybe based in the app?

On that note, I'm wrestling over whether or not to start advertising before I officially launch the project. On one hand, the pre-launch hype would give us more exposure before the actual donating can start. On the other hand, people might follow a link to the blog, go "hey that's cool, sure wish I could donate now, and then promptly go back to their exciting lives and forget about it. What do you guys think? Which approach is better? Catalog all the sites and then hit them all with posts and ads right at launch, or hit them early and try to keep them interested until official launch?

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