Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've been contemplating exactly how the Aeranos website will look, and what it's function will be. Here are some ideas of things I'd like to include. Some of these will start small and grow as the game grows and the fanbase hopefully expands...

DOWNLOAD THE AERANOS PDF: Simply that. A place to download the pdf version of the rules. This is free, and might be hosted on another site like RPG Now.

CHARACTER CREATOR: This is basically the same Character Generator that can be found on the AERANOS APP. You don’t have to have the APP to build a character. Go wild and create a true hero. When you buy the app, you'll be able to download your character to it. If you play the pen and paper version, you can save your character as a pdf or jpg. and print it out.

BUY THE AERANOS APP!: Simply a link to buy the app for the OS of choice.

SKILL CHALLENGES: Simple text files with descriptions of different skill tests, including extended tests and opposed tests, along with the consequences for success or failure. Each file has a name that quickly describes the challenge (ex. Mine Shaft Climb, Bribe the City Guard, Disarm the Chest Trap, Gamble at Dice). Skill Challenges can be created and uploaded by any APP owner.

WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: This a database of official and user generated equipment. Official equipment is stuff above and beyond all the basic equipment that comes with the APP. The user must have an AERANOS APP to download these files. If he doesn’t all he can do is look at them. User Equipment can only be created and uploaded by APP owners.

ENEMIES AND ALLIES: A database of pre-generated characters and monsters ready to download to your AERANOS APP. The user must have an AERANOS APP to download these files. If he doesn’t all he can do is look at them. These files can only be altered once they are downloaded onto the APP and accessed while in GM MODE.

SCENARIOS: This is groups of ENEMIES AND ALLIES, WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT  and SKILL CHALLENGES, with a short description of why they are found together. For example, the scenario titled, "Forest Bandits", might have a group of four basic bandits and their higher level leader, along with Skill Challenges like “Disguised Pit Trap” and “Bargain for Safe Passage,” and equipment like “Sylvan Armor.” Any or all of these are linked for download, and can be altered in the APP afterward. Alternatively, there could be more in depth Scenarios that really constitute a full adventure when put together.

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