Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aeranos Sneak Peaks

Okay people, things are moving forward. I have the first third of my video created and much typing and scribbling is being done to map out what needs to be coded. I hope to have a dollar figure... uhh, figured out this week. That and the complete video and we launch this thing!

In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to post a couple screen shots of the demo screen flow for the app (real prelim stuff here) along with a spell from the book and a snippet of world info.

Prelim screen flow

The Main Screen

Fully stocked dropdown menus along with custom entry options for those weird magic items the GM always likes to throw in.

One of the combat screens showing who's fighting who, and who's your friend and who's not

A Few Spells


Essence of Element (El)
Casting Time: 1 action
Duration: See text
Range: Touch
Resistance: None
Reagent: None
Create a minor bit of one of the four elements. Examples include salt, dirt, a tiny flame, ice or water or a light gust of wind. No poisons or especially dangerous elements can be produced.

Forgotten Moment (Sp)
Casting Time: 1 action
Duration: See text
Range: Close
Resistance: Mind negates
Reagents: None
Cause one close target to save or forget the last few turns of conversation. Not usable in combat. The divine spell, Favor, can reverse this spell and bring back memories lost by application of this spell.


Language Cipher (Di)
Casting Time: Turn 5
Duration: 1 Hour (+1 hour per 5 successes)
Range: Touch
Resistance: None (Mind)
Reagents: Ingredient: Small piece of paper placed on the target’s tongue.
The caster picks one speaker of a non-magical language heard within the last hour as the focus. The caster or a willing target can understand and speak that language. The target’s fluency and speech patterns are equal to the focus. As a side point, if the focus fails a Mind test, they may have slight trouble speaking while this spell is in effect.


(player race)

The Trulla are massive humanoids standing between seven and eight feet tall. There thick, dark skin is covered in white or grey wooly hair and their beards are long and course. The two most distinctive features of a Trulla are their cloven hoofed feet and spiraling protective horns. Most Trulla are highly tribal in their attitudes and dress. Crude bone and metal jewelry often covers a Trulla from hoof to horn and they take great pride in the care and expert use of their weapons and tools.

To think that a Trulla is simple however, is a dangerous mistake. Though they live simply, the Trulla are a wise people with a great respect for the powers of nature. Their sages and tribal leaders are often powerfully Gifted and more than one careless Durin has fallen victim to a Trulla tactician.

The Trulla mainly live in the far reaches of the Tintagel Mountains. Their remote Cliff dwellings are all but inaccessible to the landbound traveler and they have alert and wily sentries guarding the approaches as well.

There used to be many more Trulla than now inhabit the Isle. Hundreds of years ago, a forty year conflict between the Trulla and the Durin of the Darkurth Empire decimated the Trulla population. The population never recovered and now no more than a few thousand call Aeranos home. Though it has been centuries, Neither the Durin nor the Trulla have forgotten completely, their hatred for the other.

Some Trulla migrated hundreds of years ago to the Argon Mountains and can be found there now amongst the highest peaks of that range.

Racial Cost Total: 4
• +1 STR or STA (Max STR, STA is 7)
• Cold Resistance +4
• Size +1 (Max AGI is 5)
• Starlight Vision
• Cliff Walk: Due to their cloven sheep like hooves, Trulla are able to move along any natural surface equal to or less than 60 degrees at normal movement. A Trulla can move along any natural surface of 80 degrees or less at half movement. They also receive a +5 bonus to Climb tests on Non-natural walls of less than perfectly smooth texture and can both fight and use a shield on slopes of less than 60 degrees. If a Trulla takes damage while climbing, they must make a Climb test but still receive the +5 bonus to this check in such an event.

Languages: Trullak, (choices for secondary languages: Morodos, Durinspok, Knockfara, Neran)

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