Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Video is Nigh!


We will be recording and editing the video this week in anticipation of a planned Kickstarter Launch of next weekend, March 10th!

Pass the word to anyone you think might be interested. Donators will be rewarded greatly! At least with the following list of goodies. Take a look and give me your suggestions. This list isn't set in stone until the launch.

  1. Pledge $5 or more

    Aeranos RPG full color pdf hand delivered to your inbox!
  2. Pledge $10 or more

    Reward #1 PLUS your very own copy of the Aeranos 1.0 App two weeks before it's release!

  3. Pledge $25 or more

    Reward #2 PLUS an extra pre-release copy of the final app AND a guaranteed opportunity to be in the BETA testing group prior to release.

  4. Pledge $50 or more

    Reward #3 PLUS A full color banner print of the Aeranos Map and a signed Aeranos RPG Poster AND your name as a loyal contributor on the App and pdf!

  5. Pledge $100 or more

    Reward #4 PLUS an Aeranos 1.0 App for every person in your gaming group! (up to 10) AND the first three official Aeranos products after the launch!

  6. Pledge $500 or more

    REWARD #5 PLUS Your name displayed prominently in the game credits AND a heroic characterization of YOU in the book, complete with really kickin' stats!

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