Tuesday, March 20, 2012


In other words, "I done hit the send button."
According to Kickstarter, it could take as much as a few days for the review process - something I forgot in my excitement, so now we wait....

In the meantime I'm prepping web banners and ads, as well as double checking my lists.

Your job, should you choose to accept, is to go to my preview page and scour it with a fine-toothed Trulla comb. Dig deep, Trullas are tough-skinned. I'll have a last chance to make any edits once the project is reviewed and approved. Give me all your critiques and suggestions. I can't promise I'll follow them, but I DO promise to stare intently at them, scratch my head and ponder them in a quasi-thinker-like way.

Oh yeah, and as always... tell all your friends. Hell! Tell your enemies, but make sure and stress to your enemies how much you dislike the project for that whole reverse-psych thing. Just talk about it. Bring it up in casual conversation.

Dave's Boss: "Hey Dave, can you go get another box of paper from the backroom?"
Dave: "Sure boss! Say, that reminds me of the Aeranos Project... on Kickstarter! We should all go donate lots of money to it RIGHT NOW!"

Trust me, it'll work.

p.s. The link is right over there on the side of the page. It's right here too, just in case that's too far away...
Aeranos Kickstarter Preview

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