Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Update

I've been back on Aeranos for awhile now. What started as a concerted effort to update and finish the massive spell list, has evolved into thoughts on revising the Warrior Adept abilities too. Isn't it funny how efforts to finish something lead to creating more work? Funny in a, "Hey, I think I'll hit myself in the forehead with this hammer" kind of way.

...Where was I? Ahh! Right! The spell list!
270 listed so far out of a total 400! Crazy, right? A few of those 270 just have brief descriptions instead of full rules (like maybe 20), but still, I had no idea the list had become so massive, and still miles to go before I sleep.

On top of that, the Adept techniques are becoming more like spells too, to aid in my parallel paths for warriors and spellcasters concept. Still nowhere near as massive of a list (thank the gods), but still probably around 100-150 techniques spread over five levels.


In other Aeranos news. I've started up a writing project based on my group's Aeranos adventures. Sort of like the Adventure blogs, only more in depth and short story like. I picture it a heavily illustrated novella format, but it's all still real formative. I'm only a few pages into it, but if I can make the writing keep pace with the bi-weekly sessions I'll be happy. Only time will tell.