Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Primer - Ebon Slayer D20 Prestige Class!

A shadowy hero of the Aeranosian God of Death, the Ebon Slayer fights daemonic forces for the very souls of the realm. Trust us, he only looks evil.

This prestige class is currently D20 3.5 but with a few tweaks he'll be PF compatible. This is just to let everyone know that we have plenty of D20 OGL goodness for the Aeranos setting too.

As always, remember to talk about Aeranos with everyone you meet.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Aeranos Primer!

Okay. we had crunch, now here's some fluff, more specifically, a bunch of detailed information about the Gods and planes of Aeranos. See if you can glean the sources of our inspiration over the years. It's quite a collection, and we've had plenty of opportunity to flesh out the details. Be assured, story hooks abound.

Aeranos Primer - Gods and Godrealms

New Combat Primer!

Here's the much anticipated primer on the meat of Aeranos, the combat system!
Combat Primer
Aeranos Combat Primer

Take a look, pass it around. As you will see, we've tried to keep it simple, yet crunchy. There's nothing too earth-shatteringly different, which in our mind is a plus. The main thing we were going for is options without bogging down. Combat is deadly and quick, yet there are some things that keep characters from dying too often (there was only that one TPK, but there was a lich involved, and it was early in the playtesting...)
Anyway, here it is. I hope this generates a little added excitement for the project. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

p.s. I've also included a link here to the XP, Survival and Fate Points Primer.
Survival and Fate Points Primer

p.p.s. I hope to have an audio recording of our latest Aeranos session up fairly soon.
Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Big News!

The Aeranos App project is now being coded to be compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in addition to the original Aeranos system.

Slide on over to the Kickstarter project page to see the new goals and the Aeranos Primers