Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aeranos Update - New Spell

Revenant Host 3 - Empower (Death 5)
Casting Time:1 Turn
Duration: 1 Day (Longer with risk)
Range: Medium
Resistance: None (Special)
Reagents: Ingredient: A special paste made from the ash of a bloodless creature. (-6 without)

By inscribing a special death rune onto the forehead of the body, you transfer your consciousness temporarily into a recently deceased namer corpse of Size -1 to +1, taking over the use of the body.

The magic that infuses the corpse actually repairs previous damage and injuries to the body, except for missing limbs. You are able to cast spells and speak normally. Assuming you have all your limbs, you can often pass as living, at least from a distance. Anyone who interacts closely with you, gets an Awareness Test 14 . Those who have reason to be suspicious, either from familiarity with the past owner of the body, or knowledge that death magic may be at work, get bonuses to their test at the GM’s discretion.

While you inhabit the corpse, you have the ability to regenerate damage. You can ignore all light wounds, and repair all other wounds at the rate of one wound level per minute, up to and including severed limbs. Mortal wounds will destroy the link and end the spell.

Instead of a corpse, you can take over an existing Shambler or Bone Reaver. If the creature is currently under the effects of a Bloodless Binding spell it may attempt to resist this spell with the caster's spell test.

You may end this spell at any time. While in effect, your own body appears as if asleep. If you or the host body is destroyed, the spell ends. If your actual body is damaged, you must make a Mind Test 15 to sense it. Otherwise, you remain unaware.

Keeping the host body for longer than 24 hours comes with risk. The sunrise past the first 24 hours you must either voluntarily end the spell or choose to keep it active. Keeping the spell going requires you to make a Mind test 15. Success allows you to end the spell whenever you wish, at any distance from your actual body. Failure traps you in the host for another 24 hours. The next sunrise, you must be within 1 mile of your actual body and make another test (+2 difficulty) in order to end the spell, or the spell continues. This process continues, with additional +2 difficulties until you manage to return to your actual body and end the spell, or your actual body dies.

While the spell is in effect, your actual body may require tending, or it could grow weak and die. Prolonged use of a corpse, beyond a day, makes it unusable for subsequent casting of this or lower level versions of this spell.

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  1. A tad grim, but seems like it would be on a necromancer's "I use this a lot because it's handy" list :)