Monday, November 11, 2013

Aeranos Update: The Atlantean Threat!


A new entry in the setting chapter...

The Altanteans
Destruction of their first home, and near annihilation of their second, has not deterred the Royal House of At'lal from seeking dominion over their third. Protected and hidden behind the Dragon Wall, on the isolated continent of Lycenia, they have regained much of their former power, power that even Gods and dragons fear. Even now they plot with demons to undermine the divine pantheon and conquer their enemies. Unbeknownst to most, they have discovered planar pathways into Aeranos. Their spies and agents sew the seeds of dissent among the kingdoms. Through political intrigue, misinformation, theft and assassination, they stifle progress and do all in their power to soften the enemy for their inevitable invasion.

The Five Kingdoms
With the exception of the oldest among the Durin DarkUrth Empire and the wisest aong the Syvani tribes of Manawyn, the great kingdoms of Aeranos live largely in ignorance of the Atlanteans who plot against them. The bloody war that followed the cataclysm is mostly forgotten, buried amid the tide of horrible events during those times. Even among those who still know of the threat, it is thought to be contained within the Dragon Wall. Those of the Dusk Hunter's League have sparse support from governments, who are busy with far "weightier" problems.

The Dusk Hunters League
Their name is derived from one of the first group of heroes to identify the conspiracy, who followed a trail into the Traveller's city of Shadow 120 years ago, and were never seen again. In the intervening years the "league" has grown in fits and starts. It consists of adventurers, priests, guild members and minor nobles who know some force stands against the Five Kingdoms, but not what exactly that force is.

The Alliance of Shadows
The Atlanteans are very careful. While they have sent powerful agents into Aeranos, they do the bulk of their work through cats paws and second parties. They have spies in most large governments and guilds. There are tribes of Knockfar who do their bidding without knowing it. Demons often work in league with them. Even the Wicalic orders of the Gods are sometimes their unwilling pawns. Most of all, the Kuranani of Curum Felith Isle are their allies. These cousins of Atlantean ancestry take slaves for their hidden masters and work in secret to weaken the kingdoms of Aeranos.

The most trusted agents of the Alliance are equipped with Atlantean technology and Biomancy, a truly fearsome weapon.

The Gods of Light and Shadow
While all the Gods, both light and dark, are aware of the threat behind the Dragon Wall, only the Huntress and the Summoner, the elder Gods that predate the Cataclysm, know the true nature of the enemy. As of now, they still believe the threat is contained. While they remain ever vigilant, and may perceive a darkness, they remain ignorant of the turn in tactics. Besides, the outworld demons are threat enough to keep them and the Namer Gods occupied. A situation no doubt cultivated by the Atlanteans.

Demons are allies, tools and enemies of the Atlanteans, depending on their strengths and wisdom. The Demon Lords, like Sevos and Minerest are powerful allies who see the promise of souls in an Atlantean invasion. But they are wise enough, and greedy enough to take care in their dealings, rightfully guessing that their allies hold no true love for them. Other demons are not powerful enough to deal with the Atlanteans as equals. Most make no distinction between an Atlantean summoner and an Aeranosian, but the immortals still use them. Still others are too interested in personal power to be anything but enemies to the Atlanteans.

The Democ Fenura, or Demon realms, are of great interest to the Atlanteans. Much like demons, the outworld Atlanteans can use these pocket dimensions as sanctuaries, where their biomancy and technology function, but the magic of Aeranos does not.

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