Monday, December 16, 2013

Aeranos Update - Bloodless Shambler

Every good game's gotta have 'em. Here's the Aeranos version of the classic.

Bloodless Shambler

One of the simplest of bloodless creations, Shamblers are the recently dead, brought back to a poor semblance of life, with only the most basic of instincts.
They can be controlled by spellcasters and intelligent bloodless creatures, but their simple intelligence means only orders such as "attack" or "defend" are generally followed for any length of time. While shamblers aren't supernaturally strong, they are able to use their muscles beyond normal Namer endurance, and thus are a bit stronger than they were in life, but they are considerably less agile and perceptive. All that said, they can be truly dangerous in large numbers.

Below are the statistics of a basic Neran shambler

Awareness 3*, Athletics 5, Stealth 2
Speed 2, Mind 2*, Body 10
Initiative 2, Move 10, Survival 7*
Toughness 10 (Useless Flesh 3, Bloodless Fortitude 2)

Fists & Bite 4, 5d
Weapon 3, (weapon damage)
Dodge 1

Special Abilities:
Bloodless Modifiers: +2 Stamina, Tireless with no need to breath, Immune to Spirit spells, Life Sense: +4 to Awareness vs. the living.
Automatons of Flesh: +3 Stamina, Brawl of 3, Weapon skill of 2, No negatives for brawl attacks vs. melee.
Relentless: Only a Called Shot to the heart (-8) or complete destruction of the body will destroy a shambler. Even a headless shambler will attack.
In groups, shamblers will attempt to grapple and overwhelm victims.

Converting a Creature Into a Shambler
Primary Stats: +2 Strength, +3 Stamina, -3 Agility (min 1), -2 Perception (min 1), Intelligence and Willpower reduced to 1.
Remove most existing Specialties and Disadvantages, but add Special Abilities listed above.
Either use the combat skills of the Automatons of Flesh specialty, or the creature's -3, whichever is better.

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