Monday, October 28, 2013

Aeranos Updates

A new section under Combat Movement…
Melee Zones

When moving in combat, you must be aware of melee zones. A melee zone surrounds every combatant currently wielding a melee weapon, extending into any nearby space he can reach with his current weapon. Generally this includes the spaces directly surrounding the combatant, though with large enough creatures, it might extend many feet away.
When a combatant engages an opponent by attacking or defending, his melee zone becomes centered on his current opponent, and the rest of his zone temporarily goes away, until his opponent is defeated or stops attacking him.
When you enter an enemy’s melee zone while moving, he gets an opportunity to stop you, but only if he’s not already engaged in combat with someone else.
Certain abilities allow a combatant to declare hostility against more than one opponent.
Ranged weapons don’t generate a melee zone.

Also made some minor tweaks to weapon abilities. Mainly Reach...

 Reach: Can attack from 10’ and over melee allies. Attacks first against non-reach weapons with same initiative total. -1 vs. opponents at 5’ range.

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